Glass Bottle


This is my feeble attempt at Photorealism, inspired by the works of Ralph Goings.  I worked in oils with for the first time in a long time, which was nice, but I need to “brush up” my technique.  I used a 2.75″ by 4″ balsa wood board which absorbed the paint nicely. I am still astounded at how Ralph Goings and the rest of the Photorealist movement were able to achieve such seamless colour transitions. I may try this bottle again, but more blown up so I can see more of the detail.

2 Responses to “Glass Bottle”

  1. Good job trying to copy his style,I admire any person who tries to capture the realness of things,to reach to the most realistic,never knew it was called Photorealismre 🙂 I am into it too,want to see some of my work?

    • 2 grunskm

      Hi talikatzmn

      Thank-you for your comment. By definition, photorealism is not just trying to be as realistic as possible, but reproducing a photo as accurately as possible. Because of this, photorealist painters often have a surreal feeling in their paintings. Photorealism was fairly popular in the mid to late 20th century, but was criticized because many people thought it lacked meaning and was more like a craft than an art from.
      I took a look at your paintings and they look pretty good, although it would be nice to have better pictures of them. Maybe try getting closer and lighting them from multiple directions.

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