Creative Framing Assignment


This is an entire roll of 36 exposure 35 mm film.  It is cut in strips of five frames in order to fit it in a archival page.  The negatives were contact printed in a darkroom on one piece of photo paper.  

The object of this assignment was to be aware of the edges of the frame of your camera.  Because the frames had to be taken consecutively, it was very important to keep track of  exactly what was in each frame. 

I thought this was one of the more engaging assignments of my photography class.


2 Responses to “Creative Framing Assignment”

  1. Lovely! I am beginning to really enjoy your photo assignments- and look forward to many more:)
    I wonder if you would you would be open to share the camera/lens/film info too in your posts? I shoot mostly digital, but I am beginning to delve into film photography now. For me, when reading a post like this, if I can also tie back the results to the tech specs, it could be quite rewarding!:)

  2. 2 grunskm

    Hi shirpa,

    I’m glad you like my photos.
    I use mostly kodak tri-x film which has an ISO of 400. This is sort of a standard film which works in all light conditions, so it is easy to use.
    I use mostly a 35mm Nikon Nikomat which is not produced anymore, but is very similar to other film SLR cameras. As for lenses, I have been fooling around with different focal lengths, but I mostly use a 50 mm lens because it can focus fairly close-up, but doesn’t have much of a fisheye effect.

    I will include these details on other photos I post in the future.
    Thank you for the input. 🙂

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